Genetic similarity

Introductory clip on twin studies and genetics with Dr. Nancy Segal:

Genetic similarity is referred to as relatedness. The greater the genetic similarities between two individuals or a group of individuals the higher the degree of relatedness.

An awareness of the degree of relatedness between MZ and DZ twins, siblings, parents and children, and parents and adopted children provides a critical perspective in evaluating twin or kinship studies.

Jamboard covering the methodology of kinship and twin studies including concordance rate and  shared environment fallacy.

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Twin studIEs – Kendler et al. (2006)

investigating genetic similarity – twin studies and Kendler

Kendler et al. (2006) Revision jamboard

Kendler et al. 1Kinship Studies – Weissman et al. (2005)

Jamboard to revise Weissman et al.

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Practice Questions

SAQ:  Explain how twin and/or kinship studies can be used to investigate genetic similarity with reference to one human behaviour.  (9)

ERQ:  Discuss research into genetic similarities. (22)

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SAQ on genetic similarity using twin studies and kendler