HL Extension: Cognitive processing in a technological (digital/modern) world

For all three topics in the cognitive approach, and with reference to research studies, HL students
should study the following.
• The influence (positive and negative) of technologies (digital/modern) on cognitive
• Methods used to study the interaction between technologies and cognitive processes.

Kaspersky Lab (2015) Report on Digital Amnesia: Digital Amnesia Report

Research papers:

Note-taking and laptops: mueller2014

Camera phones and photo impairment effect: henkel2013 and soares2017

Social media and photo sharing: TamirTempleton-JESP_2018

Video games and visual memory: blacker 2014  and anguera2013

Search engines and transactional memory:  Sparrow et al and Storm et al. also Hesselman


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The Google Effect:

Cog Extension 1

The encoding hypothesis and photo impairment effect:

Encoding hypothesis (Mueller and Oppenheimer) 3

Video clips

https://ed.ted.com/best_of_web/7S4PHeYg#watch – This is actually a full Ted Ed lesson not just a video


Sample answer: Cog Ext ERQ