IB Qual Research: Case Studies

What is a case study?

  • is characterized by method triangulation, i.e. a case study uses at least two different data collection methods, sometimes combining both quan and qual
  • generally case studies take an ideographic approach
  • case studies often allow the researcher to gain a rich and indepth insight into a unique phenomenon (or “case”)
  • Sometimes studying an abnormal case in order to learn more for example about the normal

Handouts and note-takers:




Abnormal – Schizophrenia and CBT:  carol-bradshaw

case-study-alzheimers An example of a case study about a person with Alzheimers

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17676536 Use of a sense-cam with limbic encephalitis patient.

HW Questions

  1. Explain why a psychologist may choose to use a case study as their preferred research method (4)
  2. Complete the answers on the sheet, involves some research into Freud’s case studies: the-case-study IB