One biological theory/explanation

Our biological explanation of depression is: MDD is caused by a neuro-chemical imbalance. We are going to explore a series of hypotheses called the MONOAMINE HYPOTHESES that suggest the a deficiency of noradrenaline, serotonin and/or dopamine may be responsible for the symptoms of depression. What causes these deficiencies however is a bone of contention! Don’t worry we have lots of possibilities!

Genetics and Depression

Before we start, let’s have a quick look at some familial, twin and adoption studies so I can start to convince you that maybe depression has some biological underpinning! This could also be helpful for your nature/nurture debates questions for paper 3!

  • Bio exps studies: What do these familial, twin and adoption studies lead us to conclude about the origins of depression?
  • moodge-1-pdf: If you want more on the genetics of depression

Now let’s take a look at a real life example: Farmer John

  • casest-1-pdf: Brilliant worksheet by Aidan Sammons about Farmer John, to set the wheels in motion as we start to think about the biological factors that affect depression.
  • biomod-1-pdf-1: A worksheet by Aidan to accompany the discussion leading from the Farmer John case study.

Neurochemistry and Depression

depbio-1-ppt: A great PowerPoint from Aidan to underpin the growing knowledge of biological factors linked with depression.
moodne-1-pdf: Revising neurotransmission and making links to depression – the monoamine hypotheses
Consolidating what you know (AO1):
Applying what you know:
Evaluating the neurochemical explanation of MDD
 evaluate-bbio-exp-dep: Consolidating knowledge of the mono-amine hypothesis and sorting research evidence to support and refute the hypotheses; sort the studies into for and against against each of thr three hypotheses; (if the evidence mentions ONLY norardrenaline its catecholamine hypothesis, if it mentions serotonin its permissive amine hypothesis and dopamine its dopamine hypothesis!).

bio-expl-evaluation-revised; A PowerPoint to guide us through a series of exercises to help consolidate and apply AO1 and to move us into the AO3.

alternative-theory-of-upd: An alternative theory of depression that can be used as evaluation and might also be very handy for a nature/nurture essay on depression.

dont-be-dre-ao2: Dre needs your help again! He’s been revising the studies to support/refute and the alternative theory but things aren’t going too well for him…

jigsaw: A template to help slot everything together for your evaluative essay.



Applying what you know: sofia-2