Paper 3: How will you be assessed in this exam?

This exam is only for HLs. You will be given an extract question to read and then you will be faced with 3 questions. The question will always be as follows:

Question 1

a. Identify the method used and outline two characteristics of the method (3): Paper 3 question 1a table

b. Describe the sampling method used in the study (3): sampling revision IB

c. Suggest an alternative or additional method giving one reason for your choice (3): Paper 3 question 1C s and w

Question 2

You will be asked ONE of the following questions.

a. Describe the ethical considerations that were applied in the study and explain if further ethical considerations could be applied. (6)

b. Describe the ethical considerations in reporting  the results and explain ethical considerations that could be taken into account when applying the findings of the study. (6)

Questions 3

You will then be asked ONE of the following questions.

a. Discuss the possibility of generalising the findings of the study (9): Writing Frame for Q3 GEN

b. Discuss how a researcher could ensure that the results of the study are credible (9): Writing Frame Q3 CRED

c. Discuss how the researcher in the study could avoid bias (9): Writing Frame Q3 BIAS

Questions 1 and 2 will have their own points based mark schemes but question 3 will use the assessment grid here: new-ib-paper 3 top-sheet

Grade boundaries

Grade 7: 14-24

Grade 6: 11-13

Grade 5: 9-10

Grade 4 : 6-8

Grade 3: 4-5

Grade 2: 2-3

Grade 1: 0-2