dopamine-hyp-version-1-2016 PowerPoint which looks at the earliest work linking dopamine and schizophrenia

the-dopamine-hypothesis-part-2 PowerPoint looking at the more contemporary revisions of the dopamine hypotheses and also the role of serotonin and glutamate 🙂 Potentially useful for looking at how psychological knowledge has developed over time (issues and debates).

Check it!: worksheet-for-bio-exp-of-sz1 (1)Cut these bits and pieces out and stick them in your book.

evaluating-dopamine-hyp-activity Some research studies for you to play with, do they suport or refute the dopamine hypothesis? Which ones are really important for creating a watertight/awesome essay plan? 😉

evaluating-dopmaine-hyp-1-1 Using research evidence in our evaluations; a lovely handout from Aidan Sammons, courtesy of his brilliant website psychlotron, which is written for the AQA exam board, but has some excellent materials.

function-of-neruotransmitters-schiz-2016 A lovely “fill in the gaps” activity to help you rehearse the detail of this area of AO1 and then lots of challenging questions including describe, apply and issues and debates. These will really get you thinking.

match-symptoms-and-explanations Gathering together information about neurotransmitter function and details of specific symptoms. this could be very helpful for ensuring you can actually explain symptoms of schizophrenia with reference to neurotransmission, rather than just describing a theory.

table-to-evaluate-function-of-neurotransmitters-3 A table to use during revision/consolidation, again to gather together what you have learnt.

evaluate-the-function-of-neurotransmitters-in-explaining-schizophrenia Some extended writing to show you how to integrate knowledge and structure using ATCHOOBC; go easy with this though, you are prob better to do a chunk of ao1 first before the chains according to last summer exams. IAs time allows I might come back and do something with this writing – for now handle with care!!

My textbook spread on this topic


Wider Reading

Developmental Psychology

Is schizophrenia linked with early brain development:

Rethinking schizophrenia as a neurodevelopmental disorder:


Assessment Questions

There are several different explanations given for the cause of schizophrenia. Explain the function of two neurotransmitters as potential causes of schizophrenia. (4)

Evaluate the neuro-chemical explanation for schizophrenia that you have described above. In your evaluation make at least one comparison with a non-biological explanation for schizophrenia. (8)

Could you incorporate this research finding into your essays? It would provide some easy evaluation, given that it is from an animal experiment:

Randrup and Munkvad (1966) Injected rats with amphetamines, which increase dopamine activity, in order to see whether an excess of this neurotransmitter may be in part responsible for schizophrenic symptoms; they found that the rats showed many of the behavioural indicators of schizophrenia including stereotypical movement and these findings have subsequently been replicated with pigeons, chickens, cats, dogs and squirrels.

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