2017 Social Practical

2017 Practical: Attitudes towards people who are homeless

Our questionnaire: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VMSCVBZ

The following articles discuss cross-cultural attitudes towards homelessness and will provide you with ideas for your questions:
This is the website for the charity who we hope to do some fundraising for:  http://www.ssj.org.uk
Why not look at this page on the mental health of people who are homeless; this feeds into our Year 13 clinical key question. You will find a fascinating and very recent report here by the famous London based charity, St Mungos.
Helpsheet for 2017 practical: research-exercise-social-2017
So far, I have lined up schools in 2 x USA including New York, 2 x UAE including Dubai, Jordan, Egypt, Czech Republic, Denmark and potentially Bahrain for you. Not to mention North and South of England too!
Complete this sheet with your contributions towards the group questionnaire:  Questions for the Group Questionnaire
Writing up the social practical workbook (you will also have your own copy through google docs) Social PRACTICAL workbook 2017