Want to make an impression? Replicate the ‘That’s not all’ technique

Some of you might be interested to read from this enchantingly titled book: Most under-appreciated: 50 Social psychologists describe their most unloved work by Arkin (2011). In this book Jerry Burger laments the lack of interest in his research on the ‘That’s not all’ technique, a compliance technique used by salespeople whereby the potential customer is told that a product is a certain price (rather high) and before they have a chance to respond, immediately reducing the price to a lower amount or indeed, throwing in some form of extra. This has the effect of making the item seem more appealing making a sale more likely. Research suggests that more sales are made (at the lower price) if the salesperson goes through his preamble. However, Burger notes that his research on this topic involving a cupcake sale, (how can you not love this??) was barely noticed by the academic community and apparently there have only been two replications, one of which was also conducted by Burger himself!

So if you want to make a splash, why not replicate Burger’s famous study and see where it gets you, its a bit of a gamble admittedly as it int; work out to well for him but it is an excuse for yet another cake sale!


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