What an exciting day to be a psychologyrocker!

What a fantastic day for the blog, today we have had 597 views from 163 visitors. 480 views were from the UK and I wonder whether this had anything to do with the launch of the ‘Why wait til Christmas’ Kindness Project in House assembly this morning. If you don’t know what this is all about, visit this page, I forgot to take a photo of the Christmas Tree before it was installed in the common room so will try and find time to do that tomorrow so you can see how it looked. The tree was £9.99 from TK Maxx if anyone wants to make their own and the hearts were from the Works for 99p for 8. Lights were £2.99 from the works. I will also post the QR code sheet so that you can use these in your schools if you wish and join in. I will try and change the kind messages from time to time so that there is something new going here from time to time. If wanted to create your own kindness wordpress site, you could even institute a kindness committee at your school and put some pupils in charge of updating this area.


Why wait ‘til Christmas Here is the PowerPoint from my assembly

This is shorter clip that might be useful for assemblies – – it is in Spanish with subtitles which might add an extra dimension. I didn;t show the long clip as too much for our 12 minute slot however this shorter film about the rivers of light might work for you.

Here is the longer clip:


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