Bowlby’s Monotropic Theory including the concepts of a critical period and internal working model

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Evaluating BowlbyMINE

Evaluating Bowlby


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Describing the theory
A handout which describes Bowlby’s theory of attachment: Bowlbyhandout.doc
Worksheet with questions, used in class, to assess understanding of the key ideas and terminology outlined in the handout above: bowlby worksheet.doc
Note-taker sheet for ‘Are mothers really necessary? Part 1 video: if you have not watched this video, it is a must, and you need to watch it before the exam: bowlby’s theory.doc; if you prefer there is a set of questions to go with the video: Questions on “Are mothers really necessary?”
Complete some further reading (Blue Eysenck) associated with this theory and make notes using this sheet: Imprinting and skin2skin.doc
Some important key terms that you should recognise: Words of the day bowlby.doc

Evaluating the theory
Preparing to evaluate Bowlby; let’s learn about four important studies.
‘The Bowlby essay came up in January 2010 and the question and mark scheme are definitely worth a look; both can be found on the paper 3 front page.
 Alternative theories of attachment