Capafons et al. (1998) Systematic desensitisation in the treatment of fear of flying

fear of flying2

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Methods questions on Capafons:

  1. Write a fully operationalised null hypothesis for Capafons et al. (1998).

First, think …. there were two IVs and many DVs, choose one of each and write your hypothesis, remember to include both levels of the IB and the DV, fully operationalised


2. What level of measurement was the data for Capafons et al. in the following examples:

a. Heart rate in beats per minute

b. Fear score on the fear of flying rating scale and the Expectation of Anxiety and Danger Scales

c. Palm temperature

3. Ost (1997) also studied SD for fear of flying and found that 79% took an unaccompanied return fight following treatment and were Still okay a 1-yr on when 64% took the flight.  What level of measure was Ost using when he recorded whether or not the participants opted to take the flight 1 year after treatment?