Contemporary Study: Schizophrenia Carlsson et al. (2000)




The best a simplest Carlsson revision powerpoint: Let_s Revise Carlsson et al

and handout: carlsson revision (2) why not watch the PowerPoint and listen to my podcast at the same time !! 🙂

Let’s revise Carlsson et al (2000) from mandy wood on Vimeo.

My textbook page on Carlsson

My picture pages to help with Carlsson et al (2000)

1. carlsson and dopamine

2. carlsson and serotonin

3. carlsson and SGAs

4. carlsson FGAs and SGAs

5. carlsson and the meso cortical pathway

6. carlsson and GLUTAMATE GABA and DOPAMINE

and finally my dont be dre activity: carlsson dont-be-dre

Assessment Questions

  1. Describe the role of neurotransmitters in schizophrenia, according to the review by Carlsson et al. (2000). (2, 4)
  2. Explain one strength of Carlsson et al. (2000). (2)
  3. Explain one weakness of Carlsson et al. (2000). (2)
  4. Evaluate Carlsson et al’s (2000), review of the role of neurotransmitters in schizophrenia (8, 12, 16, 20)