Evaluating Studies in Psychology

Click here for useful words for evaluation; create your own revision flashcards by cutting out and sticking onto coloured card: evaluation-words-2

This sheet talks through how to write a 8 marker (banded) question when the focus is evaluating a specific study: evaluating-studies-8-markers-3

Two sheets to help you learn to GRAVE: grave2 grave-revised

The spiders web: a visual way to create a GRAVE: web-grave

What do the exam board have to say on this matter?

Avoid generic points when evaluating studies; you must provide underpinning knowledge of the study (AO1) to explain why something is a strength or a weakness of that study. You must connect your ideas about research methods in general with the “to be evaluated study” specifically, e.g. if you know that to be considered generalisable a study must use a representative sample (the methods knowledge bit) and you also know that this study recruited Pps by handing out flyers in coffee shops, farmers markets and libraries (the AO1 underpinning knowledge bit) then you can infer that the study may lack generalisability and this deduction is based on reasonable evidence.