Methods and Stats

spotty dog bookWhen revising for this section of the paper I would strongly advise that you use your “Research Methods Companion for A Level Psychology” AKA ‘The Spotty Dog Book’. This book has colourful double page spreads on pretty much every topic required and incorporates questions and activities to assess your understanding as you go!

Types of Data

Sampling Techniques

Experimental/Research Designs


Questionnaires and Interviews



Twin Studies

Adoption Studies

Animal Experiments

Case Studies as used in different areas of psychology

Scanning (CAT, PET, fMRI)

Content Analysis

Correlational Research

Longitudinal and Cross-sectional

Cross-Cultural Studies


Control Issues

Descriptive statistics

Inferential statistics: Decision making and interpretation

Methodological issues

Analysis of qualitative data: thematic analysis and grounded theory

Conventions of published psychological research and the process of peer review

Ethical issues in research using humans:  BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct, 2009, including risk assessment when carrying out research in psychology

Ethical issues in research using animals:  Scientific Procedures Act 1986 and Home Office regulations

Practice Questions


 Powerpoint about Olsson’s study (which the methods and stats question above is based)

aizenberg-and-geffen: A tough methods and stats question for A* wannabes; helpful for revising classical conditioning and animal research studies

The Tarantula Question: The paper 3 methods question from our internal mock in Jan 2017

Practice questions about a study which came out on 2015 in a possible treatment for Alzheimers.alzheimer mouse study (1)