Treatments for phobias

Systematic Desensitisation




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Assessment Questions:

  1. Daphne has severe ornithophobia (fear of birds). Describe one therapy that could help Daphne to overcome her phobia (5)
  2. Describe how one therapy other than systematic desensitisation could be sued to help Daphne (4)
  3. Compare two treatments for phobias (4)
  4. Straight: Evaluate systematic desensitisation as a treatment for phobias. (8)
  5. Straight: Evaluate one treatment/other than systematic desensitisation that may be used to treat phobias. (8)
  6. Context/Synoptic: Gladys is terrified of pineapples. She has been offered a free holiday to the Caribbean but the thought of going fills her with horror in case she comes across a pineapple. To what extent might the learning theories and  biological psychology help Gladys to overcome her phobia? (12)