Interviews and one example study: e.g. Vallentine et al. (2010)

Learning about Vallentine et al (2010)

vallentine-et-al1 (1)Detailed PowerPoint that needs to be engaged with in advance of the Vallentine  lesson.

Linking interviewing as a research method and Vallentine et al

interviews-as-a-research-method-in-clinical-psychology: Complete this sheet to revise the AO1 and AO3 of interviews as a research method but make it relevant to clinical by integrating examples from your detailed understanding of Vallentine.

Revising inductive content analysis linked to Vallentine

data analysis activity on vallentine quotes: vallentine-data-analysis-exercise

Consolidating and evaluating Vallentine et al (2010)

vallentine-handout-activities: A handout on Vallentine with activities (interviewing Victoria Vallentine for a new scene in the Broadmoor documentary, true and false quiz, pair share, group work, creating evaluative chains of reason etc)

diamond-9-activity-vallentine: A bit of fun for evaluating Vallentine

evaluation-of-vallentine-dont-be-dre: Good old Dre strikes again….